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Greatest Horror Movie Killers

Halloween is less than two weeks away, and to celebrate prematurely ABC Family is continuing its annual tradition of the 13 Nights of Halloween and with it will come the funny, silly side of the season.  While I do love all the kid classics like Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus, I have a hankering for some carnage this time of year.  Call me sadistic, but nothing says Happy Halloween better than some blood being spilled.

Last week I gave you some of the best horror movie deaths, and this week I will present you with the masterminds behind these kills.

Without further ado, here are the Greatest Horror Movie Killers:

Don’t get scared now!

Friday the 13th- Jason Voorhees


This guy has been all over the place from the bottom of Crystal Lake to outer space, and even to Manhattan!  With all that traveling, Jason has been so busy that he had to make his mother do some of his dirty work.  Murdering horny teenagers can be tiresome work but he proves that he is always up for the job with the body counts in the Friday the 13th movies never being below 10.

As if I needed another reason not to go camping. Jason puts the nail in the coffin:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- Leatherface

If the fictional story of Leatherface wasn’t scary enough, the original film was inspired by real life serial killer Ed Gein.  Killing people is disturbing enough, killing them with a chainsaw is gruesome, and then assembling masks of their flesh after killing them is just plain messed up!  Leatherface’s methods are cringe worthy which is why he more than earns his place on this list.

Not the original, but it still gives us a feel of the icon:

A Nightmare on Elm Street- Freddy Krueger

What is more terrifying than someone killing you in your sleep?  When we are in our beds we are meant to feel content and safe.  Freddy will not stand for that and makes it his mission to ruin one of the greatest parts of life.  You can run away from a masked murderer, but we all need our sleep eventually which is when our friend, Freddy, comes to play.

Now show me another killer that can do this:

 Scream- Ghostface

Here is my personal favorite!   With the exception of Mrs. Voorhees doing the killing in the original, Friday the 13th, Ghostface is the only killer on this list that changes identities in each film.  With each new installment in the series comes a new disgruntled psychopath who wishes to off Sydney Prescott.  Although a new person is the killer in each movie we still have the iconic mask and the unmistakable voice.

Ghostface at his clever, sadistic best:

Little side note: Sorry that the full scene is not online YouTube anymore, but you should have seen this multiple times by now!

Halloween- Michael Myers

Michael Myers is the man with the plan.  After breaking out of a mental institution, Michael wastes no time in hunting down Laurie Strode and her unsuspecting friends.  Over the span of multiple sequels and a reboot of the franchise, Michael still makes our skin crawl.  The hulking figure, the striking white mask, and the eerie score never cease to produce goosebumps.  Plus, you have to give the guy credit for making serial killers trendy.  Halloween made the sub-genre of slasher films what it is today, and while you may say that is a bad thing you have to give this legend props!

The scene that gave birth to a legend:

The Silence of the Lambs- Hannibal Lecter

Do I really need to explain why this guy is the ultimate horror movie killer?  He’s Hannibal Lecter, and does not need an introduction but I guess a short explanation would be beneficial.  Lecter is an incredibly intelligent man with a wide array of talents which include medicine, cooking, and psychology.  These talents of his allow him to thwart the FBI time and time again while in his search for new victims.  Unlike the rest of the killers on this list we are able to get a deeper insight in the mind of Hannibal which is both fascinating and terrifying.  His twisted psychology, supreme intelligence, and haunting presence make him the ultimate iconic killer.

Sidney vs. Ghostface, Laurie vs. Michael, and Nancy vs. Freddy have nothing on this epic duo:

There you have it!  I hope all my picks scared you enough.  If you have a horror movie killer that you think deserves some recognition then let me know in the comments below.

With Halloween so close I hope you have your favorite movies lined up and your costume is almost ready.  Happy moviegoing!


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