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Best Horror Movie Deaths

Here is yet another Halloween-esque post to get you in the mood for the scariest season of the year!


In this post I will rundown some of the best horror deaths in film history.  Granted, all these scenes are from horror movies and with the vast number of great deaths scenes I could not fit in every one.  Also, as you probably already know, I typically do not take the conventional route so most of these scenes are not the most famous, so if you do not know one of these scenes I hope to introduce you to a new horror favorite!


Here we go:


The opening sequence of Wes Craven’s Scream shocked fans everywhere and is still one of the greatest horror moments of all time.  Yet, for me, the best death (not scene) comes later in the movie when Sidney’s quick-witted best friend, Tatum, goes for a seemingly innocent beer run.  Tatum (Rose McGowan) puts up quite the fight, both physically and verbally, but unfortunately she has to meet her end in order to rack up the body count.

Saw VI

You may laugh, but the Saw franchise did have some great deaths!  By the time Saw VI premiered in 2009, horror fans everywhere were more than familiar with Jigsaw’s antics, but it is this scene that went in a different direction and showed that the series was not completely void of surprises.  Rather than give us over the top gore, we get a more psychological Jigsaw when William’s six associates must make a plea for their lives.  Four will die, two will live.

The Thing

Do not confuse this with last year’s debacle with Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  While Winstead is a fine, young actress, the film was painful and an insult to the original.  On to the John Carpenter original where there are a lot of great deaths, making this one was a little hard to choose.  Since I cannot list a bunch of scenes, I will have to go with Windows’s death.  The scene comes later in the film as the survivors grow paranoid over who to trust.

The Host

Spanish horror has been dominating the foreign horror discussion as of late, but it was the Asians that had full control in the 1990s to the mid-2000s.  This South Korean film came at the tail end of the wave in 2006, but it is still one of the most notable ones of the bunch.  In the film after years of contamination in the local river, one fish arises from the water and it is quite clear that there has been some mutation going on.  The people observing this “fish” are sure to regret it in the morning.

Final Destination 3

Similar to the Saw franchises, the Final Destination films have run out of steam, showing a lack of creativity with each new installment.  However, the filmmakers try hard enough and every once in a while they find success through shock value.  Final Destination 3 starts out like all the others with a grand, bloody premonition, but rather than putting all the creative juices in the opening disaster sequence, they left some juices for the next big kill.  Poor Ashley and Ashlyn just wanted to get a good tan, yet ironically turn to ash.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Jason and Michael Myers may be jealous that they did not make the cut, but, as you can easily tell from this list, I am a fan of dramatics and Freddie is all about being over the top.  All of you are familiar with the A Nightmare On Elm Street films so I will not waste your time by explaining the concept.  In this little number we see a young, cheeky Johnny Depp who doesn’t even know what’s about to hit him.  I wonder how many fan girls have cried over his demise….

Little side note: If naps were this deadly in real life then all us college kids would be long gone!


We are still waiting on that sequel that J.J. Abrams promised us ages ago, however, for now, we can sit back and enjoy the original.  The shaky cam has been a technique overused in horror films for quite some time now but Cloverfield is one of the best and most logical uses of it.  The technique adds a sense of realism to the scene and we get to panic with the characters as if this all were some twisted home video.  Lizzy Caplan has made herself iconic with her character, Janis Ian, from Mean Girls, but she also has one of the best horror moments in the past decade.


I cannot talk about best horror deaths without bringing up the greatest death ever captured on film.  This scene may be the most recognizable pieces of cinema of all time.  Almost anyone from any culture should be able to recognize this scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s groundbreaking film, Psycho.  We all know why this film is so memorable and terrific, therefore you do not need some silly movie blogger telling you that!  Now sit back and watch the Master at his finest.

Little side note:  Do not forget to check out the new biopic about the master of suspense, Hitchcock.  The film hits theaters later this year and will star the great Anthony Hopkins, Dame Helen Mirren, and the always luminous, Scarlett Johansson.  Check out the trailer below:

Hope I scared you plenty!  Now get out there and watch all the horror movies you can before one of the best nights of the year.  Happy movie going!


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