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Sequels, Sequels, and More Sequels: Film Series That Don’t Know When To Quit!

Sometimes it seems like all that comes out of Hollywood is either a sequel, remake, or some sort of adaptation.  Well, it seems like that because most times it is actually the truth.  Take this past summer for example where we had The Avengers, Men in Black 3, Snow White & The Huntsman, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Bourne Legacy, and The Dark Knight Rises.  While all of these were solid movies, they proved once again that Hollywood seems to be running out of creative, original ideas.  Now here is a list of the film franchises that seem never-ending!  Some of them have released their “final installment” but do not be surprised if next year comes news of a new reboot.

Well, here we go:


It was not that long ago when every Halloween season was accompanied by the latest installment in the Saw series.  The franchise started off so promising back in 2004 when it displayed a new brand of horror that held a revolutionary take on the frustrating genre of horror films.  Then in 2005, Saw II hit theaters and while it showed a dip in production value there were still great elements to the story.  Unfortunately, Saw III-V happened so by the time Saw VI (clearly the best sequel of the bunch) hit theaters everyone had grown tired of the bloated plots stuffed with unlikeable characters.  Finally in 2010 Saw 3D, the seventh and “final” film in the series, hit theaters and wrapped up the story.  Recently, any horror film that isn’t Paranormal Activity or doesn’t involve exorcism has been tanking at the box office so I have a feeling we could see this series get a “new vision” in the next couple of years.

How the series could continue:

One of the survivors of Jigsaw’s games becomes a copycat killer.

OR Jigsaw comes back to life.  The series is already ridiculously overdramatic  and unrealistic so do not count this possibility out.

Why the series should be finished?

After the atrocity of Saw 3D it is clear that any creativity in the franchise is dead and gone.

James Bond

Yes, Daniel Craig is a great James Bond but isn’t it about time to throw in the towel on the 007 film series?  Since Dr. No was released back in 1962 we have experienced over 20 Bond films with a variety of actors (let’s try to forget about the Pierce Bronson ones).  The latest Bond film, Skyfall, is set for release this fall but it is uncertain whether it will be the last film.  Hell, Daniel Craig was featured in the Olympic Opening Ceremonies next to the Queen so odds are no, however let’s have the box office do the talking and see if moviegoers still have an interest in this man of mystery.

How the series could continue?

It can continue as it always has: find a new Bond actor and a sexy new Bond girl.

Why the series should be finished?

The hokey spy movies worked great in the 60s, but not so much in the 2010s.


In 1978, John Carpenter gave us one of the scariest and movie innovative horror films of all time and then Rob Zombie came along.  Sure, there was Halloween: Resurrection that brought about the demise of Tyra Banks (something I’m sure many of the contestants on America’s Next Top Model have daydreamed about) and somehow made Michael Myers not scary, yet this does not compare to the complete destruction that Rob Zombie brought to his additions to the Halloween franchise.  In the two films from 2007 and 2009, Rob Zombie attempted to explore the origins of this deranged serial killer yet accomplished little of the sorts.  A reboot of the franchise is in the works but let us hope that for the dignity of Michael Myers and the sanity of horror fans everywhere that this does not happen.

How the series could continue?

Where there’s teenagers having sex you can expect a masked murder to be close-by.

Why the series should be finished?

It is about time that we were blessed with a new horror icon.  Leave the legends alone.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park‘s addition to this list only comes as a result of plans for a fourth installment to be released in 2014.  Steven Spielberg will not be returning to direct this project so it should be clear to the studio that this sequel has “crappy” written all over it.  While the second and third installments do not live up to the greatness of the original, they are still solid films and it is for that reason that we should leave the series in peace.  Jurassic Park III was released back in 2001 which means the follow-up would be coming thirteen years later.  Fans of the original Jurassic Park have moved on so Hollywood it’s about time that you did the same.

How the series could continue?

Find more scientist with ulterior motives.

Why the series should be finished?

Jurassic Park had its own theme park at Universal!  I think that’s enough dinosaurs for quite some time.

Resident Evil

Just how many times can we watch Mila Jovich run around looking angry?  I am of the opinion that once is enough, but it seems director Paul W.S. Anderson just cannot get enough of it.  This weekend brings us the fifth installment in the series with Resident Evil: Retribution.  Are moviegoers being retributed for not showing up to the theater last weekend?  Well even if we are not, it certainly seems like it since we now have to suffer through yet another one of these films.  Zombies are great and all, but we need more old school Romero and less of whatever Anderson is.

How the series could continue?

Mila Jovich survives (SHOCKER) and must fight even more mutants.

Why the series should be finished?

There’s five of these films.  Five!


As you can see, sequels can be very frustrating, but still get out to the theater this weekend!  There were record low numbers from this past weekend, and while I wouldn’t condone seeing the latest Resident Evil I still say a trip to the local cineplex should be arranged.  Happy moviegoing!


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