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Names to Watch at the Telluride Film Festival

Cannes and Venice may have the prestige and the star power, but the Telluride Film Festival is one that has been on the rise for a number of years now.  Last year the rising film festival was graced with the presence of The Artist, Shame, and We Need To Talk About Kevin, all three of which were critical and audience favorites of last year.  The good news continues this year with the festival screening some of 2012’s most anticipated films.  Now since my fall semester just began and I am already behind on my school work I will cut to the chase and give you the big names to look out for at this weekend’s festival.

Here we go:

Bill Murray

In 2003’s Lost in Translation, the beloved comedian gave his best performance to date yet still was unable to swing the vote of the Academy.  Now in 2012 it seems that Murray may have the material to top his role of Bob Harris.  In case you do not know of the film, Murray stars in Hyde Park on Hudson where he will portray FDR.  Can one of our best comedians successfully join the list of prestigious biopics?  Soon we shall know.

Elle Fanning

While Dakota is more well known, it is little Elle Fanning whom is building quite the resume for herself.  The 14 year old stars in this year’s Ginger and Rosa.  At the moment little is known about the project, but advance screenings rave of Elle’s superb performance.  The plot mentions that it is about “two teenage girls”, however it is unclear who is Elle’s partner in crime.  This mystery may be off-putting for some, but with Annette Bening and Christina Hendricks turning supporting parts it is clear that this movie is not one to miss!

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck as an actor: ehhhhh.  Ben Affleck as a director: yes please!  Argo will mark only his third time behind the director’s chair, but if it turns out anything like The Town or Gone Baby Gone then it will definitely get me to into the theater.  This film will take Affleck out of his comfort zone of Boston and put him in the midst of an Iranian revolution.  Will Affleck sink or swim outside of Boston?  You be the judge.

Michael Shannon

Revolutionary Road may not have used the powers of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio to the max, but it sure did introduce me and many other movie fans to the wonder of Michael Shannon.  Since his Oscar nomination from said film Shannon has garnered roles in all sorts of respectable films, including last year’s favorite Take Shelter.  Now in 2012 Shannon is starring in Mud, Premium Rush, and the Telluride premiere of The Iceman.  This is quite the year for this interesting man and when costarring with James Franco and Winona Ryder you know you are bound to get attention.

Marion Cotillard


As if I haven’t written enough about this French beauty yet!  Well bear with me because I have to mention this intriguing piece of news.  The minds behind the Telluride Film Festival are taking quite the notice to Cotillard’s impeccable filmography and have decided to grant the actress a special tribute.  No major details have been released thus far, but it is sure to be an event to remember.  Cotillard will also be representing her latest film, Rust & Bone.  

Well there you have it!  Over the next few days these names and many more will be a-buzz within the film community so impress your film snob friends and mention these names/films.  Happy moviegoing!


2 comments on “Names to Watch at the Telluride Film Festival

  1. nediunedited
    September 1, 2012

    Great list! I want to see all of those! 😀

    • kevinsmovies
      September 1, 2012

      Thank you! The Telluride Film Festival is a great one

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