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My Favorite Dance Moments in Film!

Yes, Step Up Revolution hit theaters last weekend, but I think it is safe to stay that the pathetic excuse for a franchise is dead and almost gone for good.  Now anyone who calls themselves a movie fan knows that the best dance moments are almost never in the sub-genre of dance movies!  These great moments are always in the most unexpected places, which makes them all the more wonderful.  Usually it’s not even the best dance, but it is the quirky silliness that makes them memorable.  Well, in (dis)honor of the infamous Step Up series I am here to countdown my favorite dance moments in film!

Here we go:

The Breakfast Club

John Hughes made the teenage angst formula perfect in 1985 when he premiered his second movie.  The film has gone on to be treasured by millions and is arguably the greatest teen movie ever made.  The Breakfast Club is made up of iconic moment after iconic moment, and one of those moments is below.  Go check it out and try to dance as awesomely as they do!

Little Miss Sunshine

Oh, Little Miss Sunshine!  The little indie that could!  The film did something that few indies can by appealing to critics, audiences, AND the Academy Awards.  It is a film very dear to me and leaves me smiling ear to ear from start to finish.  How can a film make you smile that much?  Well, your answer is right here:

Pardon the random site.  Youtube did not have this gem.

Billy Elliot

Solid proof that the Brits can do anything better than the Americans.  Billy Elliot took the bland dance flick formula and gave it a fresh perspective.  On top of that, it gave us the multi-talented Jamie Bell and introduced one of the most fascinating contemporary directors, Stephen Daldry.  The dancing in this film is something to marvel as it took the very young Bell and had him put his dancing training to the test.  Check out the quirky Britishness below:

Little side-note:  Who knew Julie Walters could dance!


A Tim Burton film may not be the first thing that comes to mind you hear the word ‘dance’, yet there’s a simple moment in the film that secured Bettlejuice‘s position on this list.  Audiences got their first look at the unbelievable Winona Ryder, and what a look it was!  Plus, it shows that ghosts can be fun too so take that Paranormal Activity.  

The Red Shoes

The film that inspired Martin Scorsese to pursue a life in the film industry.  Now if that doesn’t make you want to see a movie then I don’t know what will.  The 1948 film tells a devastating tale and inspired much of the plot for Black Swan (see below).  Beautifully filmed and eloquently captured, the clip below proves why this film has withstood the test of time and stills wows audiences.



The only musical that made the cut.  While usually dancing in musicals is great, it’s always expected, but Grease does anything but the expected.  The sexual and rugged dance style of the teens was something unseen before the 1968 film.  There’s no better example of this dancing than in the fantastic prom scene:

Little side-note:  No one danced this well at my prom!

Pulp Fiction

John Travolta, you sly dog!  He proves he can dance better than anyone even when he’s strung out on heroin, while Uma Thurman shows that she can do more than seek revenge.  Well done, my friends!

Black Swan

Natalie Portman!  What a gal!  This chilling tale has plenty of connections to The Red Shoes (see above) yet is unique and stunning enough to stand on its own.  Not only do we get lovely ballet dancing, we also get to marvel at Portman’s performance, one of the greatest onscreen performances in quite some time.  The roller coaster ride of a plot is alluded to in the eerily beautiful prologue below.

Young Frankenstein


Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle dancing?  Yes please!  Young Frankenstein still ranks as one of the best comedies of all time and it is because of the many great moments like the one below.  There is laugh after laugh, and I promise you will be breathless by the end.

(500) Days of Summer

I will never get enough of Joseph Gordon-Levitt!  Then combine him with Hall & Oates’s “You Make My Dreams” and you have cinematic gold!

Let me know what your favorite dance moments are in the comment section!  Happy moviegoing!


3 comments on “My Favorite Dance Moments in Film!

  1. nediunedited
    August 4, 2012

    Awesome list! I must agree on all choices–really, can not find fault with this. 😀

    500 days also has the best cameo ever during that scene–reflection on car window–(do not want to spoil for those yet to see this gem). I busted up laughing–so great!

    Black Swan and Red Shoes, both gave me goosebumps!

    Great topic.

    • kevinsmovies
      August 4, 2012

      I know exactly the moment you are talking about 🙂 I’m glad someone else caught it as well!

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