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Will The Arrested Development Movie Ever Happen?

For a college student, the summer can be a pretty hectic time.  From internships to summer employment to preparing for the fall semester, there is always something to do.  Yet the most popular thing to do as students sell back their books and pack up their dorms is to log onto Netflix and start speeding through that ever-growing instant queue.  For me, my instant queue is clogged up with B-Horror movies and television shows that I’ve been meaning to watch for years, but after much sifting I stumbled upon Arrested Development.  Back in 2003, when the television show premiered, I was only 11 and could barely understand the witty humor yet I deeply enjoyed the outrageous show.  Yet while I did like the show during my preteen years, it is this summer that made me fall in love with it.  Although Arrested Development is extremely different from Seinfeld, both shows are guiding lights for television comedies and revolutionary in their own right.  It is for this reason that I can’t help but ask, will the Arrested Development movie ever be made? 

Since the show abruptly ended in its third season in 2006 all sorts of rumors have gone around about the possibility of a a feature length film.  Then more recently the idea of a fourth season sprung up.  It is a shame that this show has been given so much love only after it ended.  Arrested Development has garnered a cult following and has consistently been one of the most popular programs on Netflix.  Maybe if Fox, and other major networks, weren’t so concerned with ratings we could still watch our favorite dysfunctional family (sorry Simpsons) on the tele.

But, hey!  This show is one the greatest things to come out of television, and it terrific to be seeing it receive the love it deserves.  Better late than never.  Now before I get carried away let’s review some of the reasons why the Arrested Development is becoming a definite possibility.

Here we go:

Cast Reunited at New Yorker Festival:

This past October we saw real progress being made when the whole cast reunited for a press conference.  Mitch Hurwitz, the series creator, even went on to announce that he has plans to revive the series.  Well, who wouldn’t with all the love the series has gotten over the years?

Netflix Plans Fourth Season:

Now this what we need to see!  Hurwitz’s plans to revive the series are now becoming more of a reality.  Netflix acquired the rights to the show and is planning to release a fourth season with ten full episodes that will premiere exclusively on Netflix in early 2013.  Whether or not the filming for these episodes has begun is a whole other matter in and of itself.  While this could have started as just a rumor to get fans’ hopes up, after getting official statements from both Hurwitz and Netflix, it seems as if this revival is actually going to happen.

Cast With No A-Listers:

Very few A-Listers go to television, but many more start off there.  From George Clooney in ER to Jennifer Aniston in Friends, it has been proven time and time again that television is a great spring board to stardom.  Although it happens frequently, that doesn’t mean it always works as a star maker.  Take Arrested Development for example.  Jason Bateman has had a respectable film career full of supporting roles, Michael Cera found success early on but now has fleeting star power, and then there is Portia de Rossi, who is more well known for being Ellen Degeneres’s wife instead of her actual acting career.  While the lack of stardom is not great for the show’s stars, it does bode well for the possibility of a movie.  The cast is still working regularly, however, their schedules are still not full enough that an extra movie would be out of the question for them.  Getting the cast back together seems it will not be a problem so let’s get moving with that script!

In the Land of Remakes/Reboots

Is Hollywood running out of ideas?  Or do we simply wish to watch things familiar to us?  The case could be made for both, but whatever the answer may be, it works in Arrested Development‘s favor.  Over the years we have seen countless remakes, reboots, and sequels so it is obvious that Hollywood isn’t afraid of rebooting too soon, i.e Spiderman.  Now who’s to say an Arrested Development reboot on the silver screen wouldn’t work?  21 Jump Street got the big screen treatment over twenty years after it aired on television, and received rave reviews in addition to its near $140 million gross.  So why is Arrested Development not being adapted to the big screen?  I am willing to wait twenty years, but I would rather see it done in the next couple of years.

Too Hilarious Not To:

If you have never seen Arrested Development I beg you to watch it immediately.  This show is sidesplittingly hilarious and unlike anything you have seen on television.  It is not dumb luck that this show has gotten outrageously popular over the years, but if you still don’t believe me, simply watch the clip below and it will all make sense.

Wait, this one is even better!

The minds behind this cult classic know the exact route to my funny bone and it seems I am not alone in that matter.  This show will never grow old and I can honestly say that I could watch every episode ten times over and still have sore cheeks at the end of it all, and that is the type of humor that works perfectly for the movies.

For all the Arrested Development fans out there, it seems our waiting may soon come to an end.  If all goes as planned we will be blessed with ten brand new episodes early next year, soon followed by the show’s long anticipated trip to the silver screen.  Now for all those non-Arrested Development fans out there, I expect you to change that very, very soon!  For now I will make the wait a little easier for the fans and let Lucille Bluth do the rest of the talking.  Happy Moviegoing!


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