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Best Pixar Moments

Pixar can add humanity to anything.  Whether it be a brave little ant, a curious robot, or an old man looking for one more adventure, Pixar can make you laugh, cry, and beg for more.  This is what makes it the greatest animation studio in the business and anyone who says otherwise will have to step outside with me.  For years the studio has given us modern classics from the likes of the Toy Story trilogy, Finding Nemo, WALL-E, and Up.  However, most recently Pixar stumbled with its release of Cars 2.  The film was shrugged off by critics and while audiences flocked to the theatre they were overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the result.  Up until that point, Pixar was praised by audiences and critics alike, picked up a few Oscars, and topped it off by grossing hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.

After the disappointment of Cars 2, Pixar had to do some rethinking and organize themselves for their next project.  Always known for taking risks, Pixar is now trying something completely new as it breaks new ground with their first female protagonist.  Brave, the 13th Pixar film, marks a number of firsts for our beloved studio.  Not only is it the first film with a female protagonist, it is the first period piece, the first fairy tale, as well as being the first film with a female director.  With all this going for it, how can you not want Brave to succeed.  As of right now it is difficult to get an accurate consensus on the film, but from everything we have seen it sure looks like it could join some of our Pixar favorites.  In honor of the greatest animation studio of all time, let’s take a look at some of the studio’s greatest moments.  Hopefully Brave will find a place on this list soon!

This list is in no particular order.

“No Capes” Speech

The Incredibles was a landmark film for Pixar.  The film took a darker, edgier side of animation all while still remaining hilarious and featuring the first all-human cast for Pixar.  In this scene Edna Mode, the eccentric superhero costume designer, goes on a tirade on the downside of capes.  This is arguably the boldest scene that an animation studio has placed in a children’s movie, but gosh darn is it funny!

Define Dancing

I am biased with this film for as it is my absolute favorite animated movie I cannot help but go on and on about it.  I will attempt to keep it brief.  The most ambitious Pixar film by far, WALL-E brings us an unlikely love story all wrapped up in go-green propaganda.  There are many moments in it when you want to reach into the screen and give poor WALL-E a hug.  The poor guy just can’t get a break.  He travels across galaxies for EVE and is determined to help her on her mission in any way he can.  If that’s not love I don’t know what is.  Below is the moment when WALL-E and EVE finally get some happiness.  It’s hard for me not to get emotional watching these two interact.  How Pixar was able to add this much emotion into two robots is astounding.

Carl and Ellie Montage

Here is an example of what Pixar does best: no dialogue, great music, and a whole lot of emotion.  The beginning of Up is pitch perfect and tells one of the best love stories in just four minutes.  Watch this scene and I dare you not to be moved!

Sully and Boo’s Reunion

Solid proof that less is more.  In Monster’s Inc.’s ending Mike Wazowski has reconstructed Boo’s door and Sully opens the door to be reunited.  All it takes is Sully’s questioning “Boo?” to be answered by “Kitty!” and you’re emotional.  Never does Boo need to be shown.  The two are back together and that’s good enough for me.  Possibly their best ending.

Pardon the poor video quality.

The Incinerator

Toy Story 3 has been hailed as the “greatest animated movie of all time” and it is because of scenes such as these that the film gained this title.  They could have made it cheap and stereotypical by having the toys scream and run around to get dumb laughs, yet Pixar took a very mature step and has the toys hold hands as they face their death. It is in this moment that you realize how much you love these toys and how devastated you would be if they died.  Thankfully we get to see our favorite toys live to play another day.

I’m Home

Sure, Finding Nemo is by far Pixar’s funniest film, but it is the heart of the characters that drives the film.  Dory, our favorite fish with short-term memory loss, provided most of the laughs but in this moment she gets to show off some great emotional depth.  The dialogue is simple yet Ellen Degeneres adds such emotion you cannot help but get teary eyed.  Because of this film’s greatness it may be the first 3D rerelease of a film that I will pay to see.

After viewing all these wonderful and magical Pixar moments I hope you are in the animation mood.  Brave hits theaters next Friday on June 22nd so be sure to check it out.  Happy moviegoing!


One comment on “Best Pixar Moments

  1. sanclementejedi
    June 21, 2012

    All great scenes. I must admit I was not a huge fan of the first Cars film and the second was even less enjoyable. I am looking forward to checking out Brave this weekend with my boy.

    Also thought I would mention that your gravatar does not have a link to your site. You might want to look into that.

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