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Will Prometheus Be A Hit?

On any other given summer, the answer to this question would be a yes without a doubt.  However, in this unusually overcrowded summer any movie, even a Ridley Scott movie, runs the risk of flopping.  What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Dark Shadows, and Battleship have already flopped.  And they flopped hard.  Yet there has been plenty of success stories already with The Avengers breaking record after record while Men in Black III and Snow White and the Huntsman have persevered and surpassed everyone’s expectations.  So, will Prometheus join the ever growing list of big blockbuster stinkers or will it be a breath of fresh air to sci-fi fans looking for a new obsession?  Well in order to get an accurate guestimate on this question, let’s take a gander at the biology of the film.

Prometheus is a Ridley Scott movie.  A Ridley Scott sci-fi movie!  You cannot get much better than that.  Unfortunately, Scott has not done a sci-fi movie since 1982’s Blade Runner and as a result moviegoers may have forgotten the awesomeness of a Scott sic-fi movie.  Then after the disappointing turnout of 2008’s Body of Lies and 2010’s Robin Hood, Scott could use a sizable hit.  So maybe selling Scott isn’t the way to showcase the film.

While the director may not always sell a film, the cast is the next best way to do so!

Noomi Rapace may still be building up her US star power, but her supporting cast can sure draw a crowd.  Michael Fassbender took the acting world by storm last year with a number of noteworthy films from Shame to Jane Eyre, but he really made his impact with mainstream audiences when he headlined the summer favorite, X-Men: First Class.  Idris Elba is the next name on the list worth noting.  This man has starred in countless action flicks from 28 Weeks Later to Thor, and has proven time and time again that he is not one to mess with.  Then there is the biggest name of them all: the exquisite Miss Charlize Theron.  The Oscar winner may have fallen off many people’s radars but thankfully she is back and better than ever.  It is unclear whether her character is a villain or not, but I sure hope she’s at least a little bit nasty.  We’ve seen how great Theron can play a rhymes-with-witch from her Oscar winning role in Monster to Young Adult to her most recent role in Snow White and the Huntsman. 

This group of actors could sell a swimsuit to an eskimo.  Throw them in space where they are fighting aliens and you are sure to draw a crowd.

Yes this cast is terrific and one of the best of the year, yet it is not what will draw in most people.  There is one thing that can make a moviegoer want to see a movie no matter who is in front of or behind the camera, and that is the marketing.  This film has many things going for it but the marketing is without a doubt the best thing about it.  Every trailer and tv spot has improved upon the one before and gets me antsy every time.  Just check out the trailer below and tell me it doesn’t make you want to run to the theatre to find out what the heck is making that noise.

If after reading about Ridley Scott directing, seeing the ultimate cast, and watching the trailer you still do not want to see this movie, you may not have a pulse.  Yes it runs the risk of flopping but when you break it down, this movie was bred to succeed.  It has all the ingredients for a big summer hit and will draw in all sorts of people.  Dedicated sci-fi fans will show up in support and moviegoers of all ages will flock to the theatre in search of quality summer entertainment.  It is certainly one to see.  I know I will be there, and I hope you will be too.  Happy moviegoing!


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