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The Minds Behind the MTV Movie Awards are Stepping Up Their Game!

It’s that time of year again where the Academy Awards are behind us and we will soon be subjected to the train wreck that is, the MTV Movie Awards.  In recent years the ceremony has gone from fun escapism to just plain terrible.  However, it now seems that the minds behind the ceremony are attempting to change things up a bit and give the awards show some prestige.  Typically, the teen driven network stays far away from prestige and flocks toward cheap sex jokes.  I guess they finally realized the shtick got old ages ago.

In order to revamp the ceremony a recent press release announced that MTV began an “academy” of sorts that is made up of an anonymous panel of actors, producers, and “members of the MTV audience.”  Another change includes the induction of five new categories which are Best Cast, Best Music, Best On-Screen Dirtbag, Best On-Screen Transformation, and Best Gut-Wrenching Performance.  Based upon the material I’ve mentioned so far, the show seems that it may be watchable this year, dare I say enjoyable.

While we will not be seeing films on the caliber of The Artist or Melancholia honored anytime soon, we can rejoice at the simple joys that the nominees offer.  The new voting system may not have completely altered the awards show but it sure did shake things up enough.  The most notable difference among this years nominees in contrast to year’s past is the lack of Twilight recognition.  The vampire melodrama picked up a measly two nominations for Best Kiss and Movie of the Year.  A feat worth noting.  Surprisingly, Bridesmaids tied with The Hunger Games, with both films scoring eight nominations apiece!  The Hunger Games was an obvious choice for many categories considering its grand success thus far, and even though Bridesmaids was a hit, few could predict, myself included, that the female comedy could beat out the likes of Harry Potter, Twilight, and 21 Jump Street for more Golden Popcorns.  Yet these changes do not come out of nowhere for it still depicts the number of females voting far surpasses the number of males doing so.  Twilight, a female driven movie, used to rule the day but now The Hunger Games and Bridesmaids, both female driven movies, have taken the front seat.

The female power does not stop there with The Help (the top female movie of the year) scoring multiple nominations, including two individual nominations for Bryce Dallas Howard as the villainous Hilly.  Unfortunately, the actress got gipped of any award recognition with Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain garnering all the buzz and her terrific performance got overlooked at every major award ceremony.  At least Miss Howard is getting some form of recognition now.  And to think the MTV Movie Awards did something better than the Oscars!

Little side-note:  Bryce Dallas Howard is my top pick for Best On-Screen Dirtbag.  No one came close to being as villainous as her this past year.

Boys, no worries, you got your voice heard somewhat.  Drive, the cool guy pic of the year, picked up a few nominations including a nom for the superb use of the song “A Real Hero” by College.  21 Jump Street may have lost out to a Movie of the Year nom, however, it still got plenty of recognition in the other categories and even received a Best Cast nom.  Then there is Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol, the surprise success of the year, which picked up two nominations for Best Fight and Best Gut-Wrenching Moment.

The MTV Movie Awards may have gone downhill in recent years yet it is never too late to turn things around.  Sure, blockbusters still rule the nominees but that it to be expected when you let the general public have any say in the voting.  At least this time they are respectable blockbusters and films that can be enjoyed again and again.  It is still uncertain whether these alterations will make the show anymore respectable but let’s hand it to MTV for trying something new!  Now let’s focus on the host for next year, Russell Brand just isn’t cutting it for me.

The MTV Movie Awards will be held on Sunday, June 3, so check ’em out if you are in the mood for some cheap entertainment.  Happy Moviegoing!


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