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Is The Avengers As Good As Early Reviews Say?

Early reviews of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers are, for lack of a better word, ecstatic.  Already the film is in IMDb’s Top 250 and has a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Can this superhero juggernaut really be this great?  We do not know as of yet.  The film has premiered in Europe and fanboys are flocking to the theatre yet American fans are forced to anxiously await for May 4th to roll around.  Few people have actually seen the movie and therefore we must rely on promotional material and hardcore fan opinions to make any sort of judgement.

The Avengers is everywhere.  It is difficult to watch television, browse the internet, or even walk down the street without seeing some advertisement for the film.  Therefore it is safe to assume that every civilized person knows of this upcoming release.  Although I am intrigued about the film, I am slightly bothered by how much I am seeing of this film.  I am almost positive that this film with be great summer entertainment, but is it really necessary to promote it this much?  Well, back to the point of this post.  Right now it is hard to say what the final product of The Avengers will be like.  All we know is that this summer will be a box office showdown between Marvel’s Avengers and DC’s The Dark Knight Rises.  For me personally, the final installment of Nolan’s Batman is my top pick of the summer, but I will also cheer with all the fanboys once May 4th arrives.  Here in the US we still have some waiting around to do, but there are a few Avengers clips that give us a broader view of the film.  Let’s take a look at some of this material:

Here we get the sex appeal of the film.  With a nearly all-male main cast, Scarlett Johansson is the lone female, but boy does she make quite the impression.  While she is very nice to look at, Whedon (known for using kick-butt females, i.e. Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is certain to solidify her place among these superheroes by showing just how much butt she can kick.  Miss Johansson proves that she is more than just sex appeal as she takes out multiple men all while being tied up.  To top it all of we also get a little humor thrown in there with the phone call.

And here we have Iron Man‘s golden boy, Robert Downey Jr.  This snarky millionaire has a little chat with the film’s main villain, Tom Hiddleston, in a more subdued clip than the one above.  Even though there is not as much action, this clip gives us a better idea of what the central conflict of the film is.  Sure, we get some corny dialogue but there’s something about it that just makes you giddy.  Downey’s delivery of “If we can’t save the Earth, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it,” is enough to make you cheer.  From the look of things this really could turn out to be the ultimate superhero movie.

Based upon everything we have seen, The Avengers is shaping up to be something special.  Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor all exceeded fans’ expectations, and now with them all combined can it be greater than the sum of its part?  We will only truly know once the film reaches a wider audience.

There are plenty of Marvel Comic fans out there, however, it is important for Whedon to play to the interests of newcomers as well.  The only way for the film to become a cultural phenomenon is if it welcomes both old and new fans.  As a newcomer to the story of The Avengers I can say that Whedon is most definitely doing a great job of adding intrigue for fans across the board.  While we cannot come to a consensus yet, we can be certain that The Avengers will be one of the biggest movie of the year.  Fans are already purchasing their tickets and itching to make their way into the theatre.  A $220 million budget is nothing compared to the numbers this film will draw at the box office.

And just in case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the full trailer here:

Happy moviegoing!


One comment on “Is The Avengers As Good As Early Reviews Say?

  1. auctionshunter
    April 29, 2012

    Our viewers so far are liking the movie

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