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Hope Springs Trailer Hits the Web

Hot off of her third Oscar win, everyone is watching what Meryl Streep will do next.  Well, reuniting with The Devil Wears Prada is definitely a wise choice as their previous collaboration resulted in an Oscar nomination for Streep as well as a respectable box office hit.  However, Meryl’s character in Hope Springs is quite different from her frigid portrayal of a New York magazine editor in Prada.  In the upcoming film from David Frankel we get a middle-aged couple whose relationship has lost the spice of its youth.  Oscar winners, Tommy-Lee Jones and Meryl Streep play the couple that finds themselves in a situation that plagues many marriages in their later years.  Maeve Soames (Streep) decides that enough is enough and demands a change.  She enlists the help of esteemed marriage counselor, Dr. Bernie Field (Steve Carell), and plans a trip to Maine to gain some insight from this expert.


While the premise may not sound like the best setup for a comedy, the script strays away from the doom and gloom of this lost spark and provides plenty of humor.  There are sex talks, some quirky situational comedy, a little crying, and even awkward dancing from these film icons.  Based on the trailer, the most interesting aspect of the humor of this film is that it seems that Streep and Jones cause much of the laughter while funny-man Carell plays the straight man.  The Office obviously has great comedic timing so I hope the scripts gives him something to work with.

Hope Springs hits theaters this August and is sure to make a splash.  Last August, The Help dominated the late summer box office and proved that women have a place in summer movies.  Could lightning strike twice?  Only time will tell, but Streep is definitely a crowd pleaser and will draw filmgoers of all kinds.  Check out all the heartwarming shenanigans below.

Happy moviegoing!


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