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Recent Developments in Film

We are already off to a great start in 2012 and we will only be spoiled further as we carry on with this year into the next.  The Hunger Games has spawned a new Hollywood franchise as Salmon Fishing in the Yemon showed studios that people do care about independent film all while movie goers and teenagers everywhere continue to build hype for the jam-packed summer of blockbusters.  With all this happening some recent news for the future in film has gotten overlooked.  Well now that I got your attention let us go over some of the great and not-so-great developments in the movie world:

Nicole Kidman to play Grace Kelly


In one of the most competitive casting races in a long time, the silver screen vet, Nicole Kidman, seems to be the one that will come out on top.  The Australian actress will channel the screen legend turned royalty during 1961-1962 when Princess Grace worked as a diplomat for Prince Rainier III in order to defend Monaco.  The film will be titled Grace of Monaco and will be directed by Olivier Dahan who previously directed Marion Cotillard in her Oscar winning performance in La Vie en Rose.  After a stretch of mediocre films, Nicole Kidman scored her third Oscar nomination in Rabbit Hole and now seems to be back on the track to success.  Kidman has a number of potential hits in the future and now has another that could potentially become her fourth Oscar nomination.  Dahan made Cotillard a superstar as he paved the way for her starring roles in Inception, Contagion, and now the upcoming Dark Knight Rises.  Can Dahan repeat his star making success, and reignite Kidman’s star power?

The Death of the DVD

Oh the humanity!  We chose digital copies over hard copies and now it seems studios have had it with finicking with DVD sales.  The premature death of the DVD has arrived. While we will still have DVDs and Blu-rays for a little while longer, their days are numbered.  VHS converting just began a few years ago, but now the movie industry insists that you convert one more time to the digital realm.  Once converted to the digital form, you will have access to the film at anytime on any number of digital devices.  The digital copy may have convenience on its side, yet there are plenty of flaws in the plan.  First and foremost, the nostalgic in me is greatly saddened at the fact that I will not be able to go to the store, buy a new release, and place it on the shelf of my ever growing movie collection.  It will be a sad day when I cannot sit back and admire all the great films I have on my shelf (I have this issue with digital copies of books).  However, there are also more practical flaws in the plan, such as the fact that you will be trusting your content in the hands of a third party.  Megaupload users ran into a problem with being too trusting with their digital copies and got locked out of their content with little hope of ever getting it back.  The digital world is not a safe place.  Also, as this conversion process is just beginning, there will be plenty of glitches in the system.  Many titles will be unavailable, picture quality will not be up to par, and poor connections leading to delayed streaming.  All this issue sort of ruins the whole convenience factor of it all.  I support digital copies of film, but a total conversion to the digital realm seems too soon.  I love my DVDS too much!  Let us hope we will not see the complete death of DVDs in the near future.

Little side-note:  What will I get people for celebrations now if I cannot get them a DVD now?!

Jennifer Lawrence In, Gary Ross Out For Catching Fire

Already Lionsgate is prepping for the sequel to the biggest film of 2012 so far.  Catching Fire marks the second installment in the Hunger Games, and has plenty of potential to match the success of the first film in the series.  Although things may be all fine and dandy at the box office, the Hunger Games team is now hitting a few speed bumps.  As many of us know, Jennifer Lawrence starred in last summer’s smash hit, X-Men: First Class and then signed on to film the sequel as well.  This move caused some scheduling difficulties with Catching Fire, but after negotiations 20th Century Fox decided to begin filming in January 2013 in order to allow Lawrence to film the sequel to the Hunger Games, which will begin filming this fall.  However, Lionsgate is not out of the woods yet for it has now been confirmed that director Gary Ross has dropped out of Catching Fire.  When the story first broke, speculations about money issues where thrown around but considering that the film has cracked $300 million in the US alone, money is not the issue.  In my humble opinion, Ross’s drop out has to do more with his creative expression.  The director began with satire in Pleasantville, then moved on to a horse racing bio-pic with Seabiscuit, and it seems that a series is not the place for him.  Ross’s departure from the series is upsetting, but having Lawrence back is key and rumors about who will be the new director will cause plenty of excitement.

Michael Bay to Take On Halloween Sequel

As the story broke on April Fool’s, many considered it a bad joke.  Unfortunately this bad joke is making its way to the big screen.  After Rob Zombie took all legitimacy out of the Halloween franchise, I am terrified to see what atrocity will come out next.  Michael Bay’s studio, Platinum Dunes, is eager to get its hands on the producing rights for the longstanding horror series.  Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, the “brains” behind the pointless remakes The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Amityville Horror, Nightmare On Elm Street, and Friday the 13th, are the studio’s duo planning to ruin yet another great horror film.  Their remake of Nightmare On Elm Street was an attempt to reboot the series, but it is unclear what Fuller and Form plan to do their adaptation of Halloween.  Rob Zombie’s last Halloween was released back in 2009, therefore it can be safe to say that they will not be continuing his story.  A fresh reboot seems like the obvious option, but there is still plenty of negotiation that must happen before we can a fleshed out vision of this film.

Katy Perry Makes Her Live Action Debut

Just three months before its expected release, Paramount Insurge and Imagine Entertainment announced that they will be releasing a 3D musical documentary that follows the pop star’s life on and off-stage.  The film will be titled Katy Perry: Part of Me…creative, huh?  After her voice work in The Smurfs, Katy Perry simply had to return to the big screen with her first live action role.  Well, “role” if you count that as her playing herself.  This “3D musical documentary” better fail miserably in order to save us all from yet another 3D concert movie.

Happy movie-going!   


One comment on “Recent Developments in Film

  1. sanclementejedi
    April 11, 2012

    I don’t like the loss of DVD/Blu-ray because its going to cut into the cheap deals I can get on used disks on Amazon and Ebay.

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