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Movie Trends That Need To Stop!

With Mirror, Mirror coming out this weekend, there is no better time than now to review some of the most agitating trends in Hollywood movies.  Despite critics bashing many blockbusters’ techniques, moviegoers still swarm to the theatre.  These consistent box office numbers allow Hollywood to continue these trends, but simply because audiences still show up for these movies does not make them any less annoying.  Now Mirror, Mirror is among a new trend in movies that we first saw two years ago with Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  The trend is self-explanatory with taking classic fairytales and adapting them into obnoxious popcorn flicks.  Surprisingly, the sickening sweet Snow White tale is receiving good reviews, however two Snow White movies is two too many.  This new trend has only been around for a little while, but unfortunately it is sure to stay around for a few more years with multiple adaptations on the horizon.  Here are some of the ridiculous trends that have plagued films for years and now it is about for them to take a bow.

Pointless Remakes

Some films are too good to touch, Wizard of Oz/Godfather, while others could use a bit of sprucing up the second time around, as in the case with The Thing.  While some films benefit from a remake, there comes to a point when enough is enough.  Last year we got 80s fever with The Thing, Fright Night, and Footloose, and despite two of the three being somewhat decent movies they did not come close to the greatness of their 80s source material.  Cult classics are a hard thing to remake as they never seem to please original fans while new audience members do not seem to understand what all the hubbub is about.  It is time to leave the originals alone, and begin to put the effort towards making original movies.

3D Rereleases

Lion King found box office success, as did Star Wars  and soon Titanic will do the same.  It seems the studios are at an all-time manipulative level in their plan to weasel every penny they can out of the fans of these modern classics.  Yet Disney may have jumped the gun by setting a number on course for the 3D rerelease, Finding Nemo being the next up to bat.  Rereleasing films in 3D is pretty pricey and it seems only dedicated fans are turning up to the theaters for the gimmicky event.  Hopefully this trend will wear off its welcome as less and less fans show up.

Enormous Ensemble Rom-Coms

Why must these atrocities continue be made?  No one seems to like them as both critics and audiences bash them for the ridiculous amount of cheesiness and excessive star power.  While He’s Just Not That Into You may have been the best out of the bunch, it is still not saying much for these hot messes.  All the actors in these should be ashamed as not one of them gave a noteworthy performance in any of the films.  Recently New Year’s Eve dropped the ball at the box office and couldn’t even gross the $50 million mark.  This could mark the end as no “movie with a thousand stars” seems to be on the horizon, but you can never be too certain.  Who knows, next year we could end up with a rom-com remake of Groundhog Day with an endless cast that must include Jessica Biel.

Sequels That Say They Are the Last

While Scream 3 never blatantly stated that it was the last in the series, Wes Craven wrapped everything up to give fans a satisfying ending to an otherwise mediocre third installment.  Therefore when Scream 4 came around I groaned along with all the others who thought Ghostface had his last kill.  In the end, Scream 4 ended up improving over Scream 3 but it still could not overthrow the first two installments.  Other film franchises followed in Scream‘s footsteps,  and in 2009 The Final Destination was released.  Yet now we all know that this was not quite the last destination.  This past August, we were treated to the surprisingly entertaining Final Destination 5 which ended up being the best in the series.  Yet while these films may be fun to watch, it is still frustrating to find that a series that has ended is somehow continuing.  It makes these new installments seem disconnected from the rest.  Leave the classic series to rest.  Horror juggernauts, Freddy and Jason, made the same move, but unfortunately their “final” installments were not satisfying to anyone and now it seems the iconic serial killers will never recover from their frighteningly awful “finales.”

Faking the Documentary Look

While with certain films the camera is almost a character in the plot, Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity, the shaky-cam effect is out of place in anything that isn’t a “found footage” flick.  Action films have embraced this filming technique, most notably, Transformers, and most recently, The Hunger Games .  Maybe the filmmakers are attempting to make giant alien robots attacking the Earth come off as realism but, in any case, Michael Bay needs to realize it just does not work.  In the case of The Hunger Games, it is a way for Gary Ross to show violence without showing too much in order to keep his PG-13 rating.  This is just laziness and shows a great absence in creativity.  I am a fan of “found footage” films as I still believe Cloverfield is one of the best horror films of the past decade, and it is great because the shaky-cam effect has an actual purpose in a film like this.  I do not want to get a mockumentary when I go to see an action film.  The special effects in these films are already overwhelming and throwing in a shaky-cam to film all of that is simply too much.  Keep filming techniques in the films that they belong in!

2012 is already starting off strong with a number of notable films in theaters, so if you have some down time this weekend go check one out!  Mirror, Mirror may not be my cup of tea but I am sure there are a plenty of parents out there with kids who would to see Snow White brought back to life.  Happy moviegoing!


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