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Most Romantic Movie Moments

Well, it is that time of year again!  Valentine’s Day is this Tuesday, and couples will be cherishing their loved one as singles eat their ice cream with resentment.  Yet, I have something both couples and singles can enjoy!  Movies allow people to be thankful for what they have, as well as allow them to hope for something yet to come.  Therefore, I am here to give you some of the most romantic moments in movies.  If you already have that special someone, then snuggle up next to them as you watch these beautiful scenes.  If you don’t have that someone, no worries, for you can still watch these scenes and dream of the love that will soon come into your life.  Now, here are some of the most captivating romantic scenes that the movies have given us!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Who wouldn’t want Audrey Hepburn as their neighbor?  I am sure George Peppard will never regret the experience, nor will the many generations that have been granted an intimate insight into the actress’s fascinating character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Her iconic role of Holly Golightly still lives on, and her image can be seen in countless girls’ dorms across the world.  The character has become a symbol of grace and beauty, and these qualities are no more obvious than in the scene below.  Holly is a mysterious, flighty woman, but in this scene Paul (Peppard) gets a fly on the wall perspective of her, and it seems in that moment he realizes that he is in love.  A classic that is still pleasing nowadays, and a must see for romcom lovers of all ages!

Say Anything

The ultimate romantic moment for teens!  Cameron Crowe really has a way for iconic moments (See Jerry Maguire below), but he outdid himself in this scene.  Any semi-cultured person has seen this moment before as it has been spoofed and recreated countless times, but the original is still the greatest.  John Cusack captures the essence of the 80s and becomes the ultimate boyfriend in this scene.  Plus, what a perfect touch with Peter Gabriel’s “Your Eyes.”


Amélie Poulain (Audrey Tautou) is a girl who has been alone for almost all her life.  She is innocent and naive, yet courageous as she makes it her mission to help all those around her find happiness.  All her life she has dreamed of love, and finally it is in this quest that she finds unexpected love.  Unfortunately, after living in her fantastical world for so long, it becomes increasingly more difficult for her to approach this new love interest.  We follow her on this journey as her introversion thwarts her at every turn.  Yet at long last, Amélie gets the long overdue love in her life.  Not a word is spoken.  It is not necessary.  The two love one another, and that is all they need.

Moulin Rouge! 

I would be perfectly content to watch Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor pick their noses on screen together, but if they want to sing, dance, and act their way through a beautiful movie, that’s more than fine by me!  Another captivating forbidden romance that will keep you oohing and ahhing throughout.  Their beauty on screen is almost unreal.  The two have never looked, nor sounded better.  Everything about this film is romantic, and even in its most melodramatic moments you cannot help but fall under the spell of it all.  A work of art that is sure to leave you breathless.  And who knew these two could sing like that!

Little side note:  If Baz Luhrmann does half a good a job with The Great Gatsby, I will be ecstatic.


Who says robots cannot love too?  While it is not primarily a romance, Wall-E gives us one of the most innocent love stories in cinema.  Wall-E will do anything for Eve, and that includes traveling across multiple galaxies in order to be reunited with her.  Up until this point, Eve finds Wall-E bothersome and would be grateful to be rid of him.  Thankfully, Eve has a change of heart once she realizes that Wall-E is dedicated beyond belief.  In this moment both of them realize that they need one another, and that are most definitely in love.  Just look at the way they look at one another, and tell me that isn’t love!

Gone With the Wind

The ultimate romance!  Long before Titanic, Gone With the Wind was the film that had women swooning for years and years.  It is one of Hollywood’s finest creations, and gives audiences one of the juiciest romances of all time.  Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable are hard to top in their chemistry.  With simply a look you get an array of emotions, and a relationship that is far too complex for many of us to understand.  This is quite possibly the best kiss captured on film.  There is so much passion and complexity, you can’t help but swoon like a southern belle.

The Notebook

A modern classic in its own right.  In The Notebook, not only do we get to feast our eyes upon Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, we also get one of the best romances in recent history.  As with most forbidden love stories, society seems to be working against the two lovers.  McAdams and Gosling work perfectly on screen together, and have enough charisma to make you sick.  Well, since almost everyone reading this has heard the story of this romance countless times, I will end here and let you watch these two wonderful actors work their magic.


What is arguably the most romantic movie of all time, Titanic has something for everyone.  It is an epic tale of adventure, romance, and history, all told with stunning scenery, sublime costumes, and superb music.  There is much to love about this movie.  As a result of all this, it was quite the challenge to choose just one scene.  There are numerous scenes that ooze romance, but the one below captures the fact that both Rose and Jack will give up everything in order to be with one another.  It is a tragic romance, and even though we all know what is going to happen in the end, it is impossible not to be swept away in the beauty of it all.

10 Things I Hate About You

Oh, this movie would never have stood a chance were it not for Heath Ledger!  He is a scene stealer that recuses this film from mediocracy by turning it into a memorable and throughly enjoyable experience.  While Shakespeare might not be happy watching what they did to The Taming of the Shrew, this film is one that everyone from the 90s will enjoy.  Definitely a must-see for one who grows tired of tragic romances and wants a little happiness for once.

Little side note: RIP Heath, you were a true artist and we lost you far too early.


A romance that never got the chance to bloom.  While unfortunate, this is what makes the relationship all the more beautiful.  Cecilia (Keira Knightley) and Robbie (James McAvoy) grew up in separate circles, and just as they begin to explore their desires, a malicious lie separates them with little hope of being reunited.  Time and space are endlessly working against the lovers as WWII ravages Europe.  As with any timeless love, Cecilia and Robbie refuse to give up.  They have little time, and this is why I chose the scene below.  It is their one moment of pure intimacy, and proves how much passion the two share.  An epic romance this is certainly up there with Titanic. 

Jerry Maguire

A comedy and drama all wrapped up in on the most adorable romances in modern cinema.  We get such an accurate representation of life in this film, which is a rare thing in many romances.  It is dramatic without ever slipping into melodrama, and stays funny without becoming overly witty.  The movie is a true treat.  In this scene we get two of the greatest movie quotes, and a heartwarming romance.  What more is there to ask for?  Well you get 90s Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger too, so I’d say that’s damn near perfect.

When Harry Met Sally…

Meg Ryan, the romantic queen of the 90s, nails it again in this modern classic.  This unconventional love story is one to write home about.  Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal shine with this brilliant script, and give an incredible amount of insight into relationships.  It is hard to deny how perfect these two are for one another.  This hilarious, self-depricating speech from Crystal is the ultimate ending for this film. It has the power to make rom-com junkies cry with joy and cynics smirk with the realization of how accurate his words are.  If you do not feel anything at the end of this movie, you may want to check your pulse.

If you have not seen some of these movies, then I think there is no better time than this Valentine’s Day to sit back and relax with these great movies.  Have a happy and healthy holiday!


3 comments on “Most Romantic Movie Moments

  1. Marc
    February 11, 2012

    no braveheart? nice list tho!

  2. Jolyse Barnett
    February 12, 2012

    Great list, Kevin. Love the variety of genres you’ve included. Say Anything’s romantic moment is one of my faves, having been a teen in the 80’s. I look forward to sharing your post with my blog readers too!

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